PureSmile Australia

Pure Smile Australia teeth-whitening specialists has products and treatments that are safe an effective using peroxide-free whitening teeth gel. It can instantly make a difference in your smile. They have relevant products to maintain the whitened teeth such as the following:


  • Teeth Whitening & Cleaning Foam –  a micro-foaming formula that cleans and whitens the teeth enamel even better. It promotes for a  healthier gums, dentist recommended, proven safe for daily use.


  • Teeth Whitening Pen XL touch-ups application is 16% of carbamide peroxide gel. Designed for sensitive teeth. Apply for for just 30 seconds and make the best out of it.


  • Enamel Booster seals the whitening results of teet. It increases the micro-hardness of teeth’s enamel from stain and abrasion. It promotes tooth strenght and replenishes fluoride for the teeth.

Services and products are available in shops, stores and clinics located across Australia. PureSmile has helped thousands clients get their smile back.

Contact : 1300 858 199